Guaranteed On Time Delivery Every Time.


Warehouse Inventory Now (W.I.N.) means we guarantee delivery of BDS stock items from any of our 14 warehouse locations by the next working day, and in most cases, the same day. The benefit of our 14 warehouses and 400-mile loop is that you actually have access to 14 times your local inventory. You will always receive your order when you need it, guaranteed.

W.I.N. Benefits Include:

  • BDS acts as common carrier using our own trucks
  • W.I.N. makes all 14 BDS warehouses and their inventories immediately accessible
  • With our FREE night time pickup & delivery service, W.I.N. guarantees delivery of all stock items by the next working day or the item is FREE (only exceptions being acts of God, snow, floods, ice, mechanical failure, or accidents)